cropped-imagesnpdo6nuh2.jpgThis blog is here to help you avoid the many tricks, traps, and scams that await new foreigners arriving in China to teach in one of the 19,000 schools and universities in China that employ foreign teachers.  China is a great adventure and surely lots of fun IF you are not exploited or scammed. So the more you know BEFORE you go, the less chance your China dream will become a regrettable nightmare. We invite you to visit our main website at http://ChinaForeignTeachersUnion.com, and if you become a member, you are welcome to visit our other website for members at http://ChinaForeignTeachersUnion.org.

But now that you are here, bookmark the below web sites and if ANYONE in China or related to China jobs begins asking you for personal information (resume, scan of your passport, etc.) DO NOTHING UNTIL YOU VISIT AND READ…




Most importantly do not believe anyone who tells you it is “okay” to come work in China with a tourist visa (L Visa) or a business visa (F Visa).  This causes 20% of all new foreign teachers in China to be arrested, fined, and deported – as you can read about here:


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