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Warning: Echinacities and Sinocities Resume Fraud & Fake Job Scam In Progress. China Foreign Teachers Are Primary Targets…

We have received very credible information from China Scam Patrol that resumes sent or uploaded to either, or may very well end up in the hands of dubious people who will resell your resume to Chinese recruiters and identity thieves posing as recruiters.  Whether the owners of these websites know the phony recruiters are identity thieves or not makes no difference to the victims.

The point is that you believe you are applying for a specific job when uploading your resume, but according to current and former employees of ECC and SC your resume goes into a batch or “pool” and may be resold two to five times before you receive a genuine job offer.  In the interim you must endure endless spam and unsolicited calls as you hope and pray that the end user of your resume is not an identity thief.  See:

Although we were not involved in this investigation, we have no reason to doubt CSP which has an admirable track record for accuracy in the past when exposing similar scams. You can read their full report at and if you know of any identity theft victim in China that is a foreigner please have them contact us in China at report[at]

We also welcome China Scam Watch to the front lines of fraud control in China.  Their web site is

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